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Sunday, 18 November 2012

take this as challenge :)

well hello hello !

ya , shikin here :) im back !!
firstly ioll nak luahkan rase by deep inside my heart ni , ececehh :)
okay , ioll feel better right now , then try to move on from the past .
skrg ni feel nak taip taip dah kembali .
to those yg tertny tny about my problem relationship tu rasenye dah nampak kan skrg ? weoll has nothing to say . apa yg korg nmpk tulaa kenyataannya okay .
btw , sokay .. ioll can let it go with smile .
past is past and always pray for HIS better life .
maybe yg terjadi tu ada sebab nya .
DIA maha mengatur segalanya .
then , utk sedap kan hati ioll ni , maybe someone better for me dah ditetapkan .
amin ..

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