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Saturday, 28 January 2012


Assalamualaikum there, i wanna make a confession about myself here because i see there's group of girl that hate me so much but don't face their problem with me, Actually i don't give a damn at all about them but i wanna know why they hate m? i don't wanna start a fight well i'm not good at fighting. Saya penakut. So first of all i wanna talk about my hair, my hair is not straight and my hair is not straight and not curl at all, easy words kadang kadang lurus kadang kadang kerinting. About my face, i'm not a girl with a clean face, i got pimples and people said thats normal for 21 y/o girls ( girl ke ? ), about my nose tak mancung langsung, eyes? there nothing special about my eyes, it is black, not blue,green or even yellow. My hand it's kinda sensitivebut i still wanna say this tangan saya banyak bulu, that thing happen because my dad is mamak, so banyak la bulu nya. Here the most important thing, Allah made me, Allah also made you guys. We're not perfect at all. So please takanak la bergaduh sesama manusia. Setahu i haiwan je yang bergaduh. I'am not  a animal and so do you. I'm not starting to wrote about Allah here to shut your mouth up or whatever. But it is true. If you still wanna hate me for a stupid reasons, go ahead. I wanna say i'm so fucking damn sorry if i do wrong to you guys. Sementara korang hidup lebih baik aku minta maaf :)

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